by Mask of Judas

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GRAVITY new Mask of Judas single 2014


Your defining fight,

In time

Comes to light

With the weight of gravity

Over-riding vision wields the key to open up

The window to a logical empire

Staring through the mirror just take a second glance at your profile

Erase the outline with a breath of air


This whole cityscape is

A portrait woven by an imposed curse

As its colours fade

The hauntings within your mind, just do not exist, on the outside.

Awareness is overrated, you can be too aware of invisible sights

So just reach out and tough the hype

The frail feel of a fantasy insight


Of the hive

Deeply encoding, self destruction, within your mind.

On which we learn to base, our lives.

Overwhelming vision wields the key to open up

The window to a logical empire


This whole cityscape’s

A portrait woven by composed verse

Watch the contours fade

The haunting within your mind,

Will never exist on the outside

As dawn had broken,

She came to me, epiphany

Standing with a weapon in one hand

And one arm pointing to the light

Positioned, an effigy shooting

A laughing glance

At history

She sings we’re barricading down the past tonight

We’re barricading the doors tonight,

We’ve barricaded the doors

Barricaded the past


released October 1, 2014
Recorded by Steve Von Power at Wholetone Audio

Cover artwork by



all rights reserved


Mask of Judas Chichester, UK

Mask of Judas are a unique blend of groove and tech metal hailing from the South coast of the UK. Featuring female vocalist Jo’s vicious screams and quirky vocal lines, Mask of Judas’s sound flows from raw heaviness to needle-precision tech. The bands inspirations are many, their goal to make interesting, new heavy music that will leave all metal fans with a fresh perspective. ... more

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