Crown the Sun (Single)

by Mask of Judas

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"Crown the Sun" taken from AXIS 2013


Crown The Sun

Nail his hands to the door, Push til' they’re tight on
Days grow slower and slower and slower
When you’ve bought your conscience back, we can blame it all on you.

Crown the sun, it’s melting, Burnt skies dripping down
Feel sobriety sweep my skin over,
Hoping it will end. Praying its all over.

Clinging to the floor, offer all I have but will it ever be enough?
In retrospect if id considered how to pursue this.. Guess its blown..
Burning in the daylight This isn’t even over yet
Can you hear the sirens?
Not far off..

No, it’s not a game for two, a gentle play on truth, its all a game for you
Pin both your eyes to the door, Watch as they walk in
Heartbeats lower and lower and lower, How can I paint history black
Despite the overwhelming proof?
With pressure ebbing through
It’s just a game for you all

Hardly a sight to ignore, We pushed him so close
I get more sober and sober and sober
When you sell my conscience back, I will tell you all the truth
I’ll hang my pride on the line and out for trial
I’ll hang my prize on the line and watch it dry out

Hardly a sight to ignore Seething and raging
Pulse flows faster and faster and faster.
Coursing, coursing, enforcing, a warning.
Is that my conscience crawling? I can hear it on your fist.

Lyrics by Jo Challen


released April 8, 2013
Lyrics by Jo Challen
Music by Mask of Judas
Recorded at Envy Studios UK



all rights reserved


Mask of Judas Chichester, UK

Mask of Judas are a unique blend of groove and tech metal hailing from the South coast of the UK. Featuring female vocalist Jo’s vicious screams and quirky vocal lines, Mask of Judas’s sound flows from raw heaviness to needle-precision tech. The bands inspirations are many, their goal to make interesting, new heavy music that will leave all metal fans with a fresh perspective. ... more

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